February 23, 2016 C++, News No comments

Yay, it has been a while.

Sadly there is still nothing new on the slugbay front. But back to topic.

Today I had my first live coding session at

After some startup problems I got it working and finally finished the documentation for my DI container I wrote half a year ago. So there was not much coding today… more documenting. Though it had to be done 🙂 I also found some issues I intent to fix in the following days.

The project source can be found on GitHub.

Future plans are to implement a bigger project live and maybe also do some tutorials (see how that works out^^).


January 13, 2016 News 1 comment

Hi guys, today I came across a new Website: It is still in beta and I am not yet in, but there are some screenshots and a feature list already publicly visible.

It has a search engine for development resources and allows organizing those resources in stacks. Maybe that can help in dealing with dependencies in languages where that can be somewhat painful at times (e.g. C++).

Then there is the social aspect. There is a voting system for the resources and you can engage in discussions and follow topics.

According to the site they also allow forking resources from other developers. I’ll see how that works together with licenses, version control systems (maybe github integration?) and other issues you have to keep in mind when working with other developer’s resources.

Stay tuned for more updates and use my invite link when registering for the beta 😉

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